Kids naturally love playing. It excites them, enables them to make friends, and to achieve mental and physical fitness. Generally, it’s great for their development and well-being. Your child can learn how to do things while they play. They’ll love play-based learning because of its thrill, plus it encourages them to be active. If you are wondering what you can teach your little one through play, below are some recommended activities.

Singing and Dancing

Kids are known to delight in singing and dancing. While they have fun, they also get to improve their language and listening skills. The activities sharpen their memory, plus they develop a rhythm. Of course, you have to select songs meant for kids to make this work as planned.

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Imaginative Play

Imaginative play is when kids are role-playing and creating different experiences. Here is how you can encourage this: Leave your child with several objects, and watch them use their imagination to create a fascinating fantasy world. Imaginative play sharpens a child’s creativity. It also teaches them decision making and how to socialize with others.

Other play-based learning activities for children include:

* Drawing

* Climbing

* Sensory play

* Sand play

* Water play

* Basic board games

* Natural play

* Swinging

* Running

* Playing with jigsaws

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