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During summer, everyone’s looking to have fun. Most parents or guardians are worried that their kids will be consumed by the various downfalls in our society today. These include being addicted to technological devices such as televisions and smartphones and growing closer to the ‘wrong’ friends. Fortunately, summer camps exist. A considerable number of parents cannot wait to sign their children up for these exciting programs because they understand the perks. These include helping kids learn:

* Self-respect

* Character building

* Social skills such as leadership and communication

* Service skills such as caring and trustworthiness

History of Summer Camps

You deserve to know the history of summer camps, and we are here to enlighten you.

In 1900, there were several girls’ camps in the United States, and some had been organized in New England. By the end of 1918, more than 1000 summer camps were being run in the US. Most of these centers were situated in remote regions and close to reliable water sources. Kids who attended the programs were encouraged to participate in hiking, swimming, canoeing, handcrafting, drama and archery. The campers slept in tents or open dormitories, and they were responsible for taking care of themselves.

Today, many years later, a lot has not changed about summer camps. Campers engage in various activities to have fun, grow, and learn. Luckily, sleepaway camps now have better facilities, technology, and kids’ environments.

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