It’s prudent to let your child attend summer camps. These programs help them learn new skills, interact with other kids, have fun and learn how to take care of themselves. The sleepaway camps must have several things to make it easier for kids to enjoy all these wonderful benefits. Below are two critical ones.

summer camp activities - What Makes the Best Summer Camp?

Appropriate Tools and Supplies

A great summer camp must have the necessary tools and supplies, depending on the activities the organizers have in store for kids. For instance, if they want children to engage in brain exercises, they can have tablets or computers for the campers to access apps such as MentalUP. If the kids are supposed to hike during their time in the camp, the summer camp’s organizers can provide appropriate hiking gear for the participants.


Every summer camp needs to prioritize the safety of the campers. The camp must be held in a safe location that the kids can easily access. Cleanliness must be observed at all times to prevent kids from being exposed to any health risks. The camp should also be structured to enable the children to know where they need to be and how to get there.

It’s essential to note that these are not the only important things that a summer camp must have. Others include a great learning environment and qualified teachers/supervisors.

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